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Singer & Songwriter




Meet Sofia, a 19-year-old dynamo hailing from the vibrant streets of Montreal. Music isn't just a part of her life; it's ingrained in her very essence. Picture this: Sofia, a tiny tot at the tender age of 2, already serenading anyone within earshot with Italian melodies. Little did her parents know then, they were witnessing the birth of a future star.

At age 4, Sofia eagerly dove into piano lessons, her thirst for musical knowledge insatiable. By 8, she added another string to her bow – quite literally – picking up the guitar with fervor, aided by her ever-supportive dad. And oh, the car rides! With her father cranking classic rock anthems, Sofia fell head over heels for legends like The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, and Queen. Their timeless tunes ignited a fire within her, a determination to leave her own mark on the world.

But Sofia's journey didn't stop there. No, she dabbled in a symphony of instruments – bass, violin, saxophone, flute, even drums – each one expanding her musical lexicon. It's this hunger for mastery that sets her apart, a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Nowadays, you can catch Sofia front and center as the lead singer and keyboardist of Purple Cadillac, infusing Montreal's venues with a vintage charm that's impossible to resist. And get this – amidst all the musical magic, she's also tackling the complex realms of Anatomy and Cell Biology at McGill University. Talk about a powerhouse!

But ask Sofia what truly fuels her, and without hesitation, she'll tell you: it's the music. Whether she's writing, recording, or belting out tunes on stage, her heart beats to the rhythm of her passion. Why? Because she's on a mission – to ignite that same fiery love for music in others, just as it burns within her. Watch out, world – Sofia's on the brink of something extraordinary.

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