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Singer & Songwriter




Sofia is a 19 year old singer/songwriter from Montreal. Born with music in her veins she started singing at the age of 2. The music began with Italian songs here and there, and developed into something she couldn’t live without. It was then that her parents knew what she was headed for.

She started taking piano lessons at the age of 4, and, wanting to know all there is to know about music, picked up the guitar at age 8. She began teaching herself with the help of her dad, and continued to learn on her own. Growing up, her father played classic rock stations in the car everyday, and that's when she fell in love with bands like The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin, Queen, and how they changed the world; how their music stood the test of time. This inspired her to do the same, and is the reason for the unique classic rock influence in her music that isn’t frequently found in artists her age.

Along her musical journey, she picked up a little bit of various instruments, to better understand the different languages of music that she can communicate in. She learned a bit of bass, violin, saxophone, flute, and a little drums. This is what sets her apart as an artist; her thirst for knowledge, and how her mind is always set on improving; knowing there is always room to learn.

Now, she is the lead singer and keyboardist in her band Purple Cadillac, bringing that vintage feel to various venues all around Montreal. She is simultaneously studying Anatomy and cell biology at McGill University, which is no simple feat. Despite her full plate, she will always make time for her music, because it is what sustains her. She writes, records, performs, and her heart belongs in the music. Sofia is going to change the world with her music, because she wants to incite that burning passion for music in other people that she finds in herself.

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