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Ndaka Yo Wiñi

Singer & Songwriter




Ndaka Yo Wiñi, a musician, songwriter, and cultural researcher, was born on January 5, 1981, in the province of Benguela, Angola. The name Ndaka Yo Wiñi, carried with emotional weight by his family, has become a continental reference in Afro Jazz, transporting listeners to a parallel world where traditions are vividly preserved. A staunch defender of Angolan cultural values, Ndaka Yo Wiñi weaves them intricately into his lyrics.

His initial exposure to music came through participation in traditional community ceremonies during his childhood. Here, he absorbed the dances, rhythms, and rituals that form an integral part of Ovimbundu culture. Also known as the Southern Mbundu, the Ovimbundu represent the largest ethnic group in Angola, constituting 40% of the total population. Despite the overwhelming influence of Christianity, some Ovimbundu still adhere to practices from African traditional religions.

Ndaka Yo Wiñi, meaning "Voice of the People," serves as an Ambassador of the Lundongo genre, which encompasses ancestor rhythms from the cradle of Angolan culture. This African singing sensation is carving out a musical legacy for himself, deeply rooted in his cultural heritage. He has pursued extensive studies on his background, even undertaking engineering studies in Thailand.

Ndaka Yo Wiñi
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