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Singer & Songwriter




A genuine prairie wild rose, Kaylin has harbored aspirations of becoming an artist since the tender age of 3. Fueled by a generous heart, she possesses a versatile and melodious voice, skillfully employed in rendering both familiar country classics and her own captivating compositions.

She is praised for her initially soft, soulful vocals reminiscent of artist Norah Jones, yet possessing enough twang to evoke the essence of country music, akin to Canadian artist Shania Twain. Both audiences and fellow musicians warmly embrace this charismatic and skilled singer, who also excels as an accomplished guitar player.

Kaylin has the remarkable ability to elicit laughter, tug at heartstrings, and leave her melodies lingering in the minds of listeners long after they've heard them.

Over the past few years, Kaylin's talent and dedication have been evident in her performances at well over 60 venues, including festivals, bars, and other special events. Her journey stands as a testament to her undeniable talent and tireless work ethic.

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